Sofa Hotel scandal of the sale of the rights.

19.09.2012 16:58


Sofa Hotel Nisantasi `s decided to discontinue the court in July in connection with the sale of the building. However, the expert's report appeared in August.
Well-known businessman Ahmet Nazif Zorlu Cumbusun Harry Cətinliklinin daughter some time ago, with 14 million pounds of Otelindəkı Sofa Nisantasi is a common, pre-acquisition claims and other partners Demircioğlu Enis Mehmet Suleyman Demirel, M. Ali was a difficult decision to Senere. Tough on it, Harry, won a lawsuit in order to receive a refund of 14 million lira. As a result of the alleged debtors Demircioğlu Enis Mehmet Ali Cetin Senere Sofa Hotel building, which is owned and ipotekalı in debt, sold at auction on September 3, it was decided to make money.
Allegedly, further developments in the scandal began. The judge in the case of DK, on ​​August 31, the court decided to suspend the sale is permissible because of the strike. However, as stated in the decision that was made on Thursday, July 19. This evidence reinforces the claim that the judgment of the cause of the July 19, dated 23 August 2012 has been quoted as an expert report to be shown.
The judge said Complaint.
Ozedincikin report Sinan Istanbul 15 Executive Law Court Judge D. This is reflected in the official documents of K., suggesting that the decision is wrong with Harry's tough Cumbusun Hacıbekiroglu Osman, "The judge has made an official document fraud. This is a legal scandal. Judge's denial of an application, and we have to HSYK.
Judges' decision sale of illegal stopped moving towards the future - "he said. Attorney Hacıbekiroglu, the organization of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) DK judge of the criminal complaint, the official document fraud, improper decision that stopped the sale of this situation, a human rights scandal he said.
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